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4 Non-Cringeworthy Ways to Spend Time With Your Teen

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Prevention Page

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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy Hearing Aids Online

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What do you bake of that: Traditional desserts still reign supreme for the holidays

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Top Cities in Kansas

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Cleveland Captive Visits Mother's Grave

New York Daily News, May 13, 2013 http://www.nydailyne ... -1.1343104

Written as a stringer

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Should the Sickest Patients Be Removed from Transplant Lists?

multibriefs.com, June 28, 2016 http://exclusive.mul ... healthcare

I reguarly contribute to this site, writing articles on recent news in organ transplantation, emergency medicine and the manufacturing industry.

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Obamacare Already Funds Contraception So Why Should Colorado?

Denver Post, February 24, 2015 http://www.denverpos ... -colorado/

I reguarly write opinion pieces, press releases and other communications for Colorado State Sen. Larry Crowder.

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Healthcare Heros Award Nomination

Wellmont Health System, May 15, 2016